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  1. Alan caballero 22 octubre, 2018 Responder

    I like eat pizza
    My brother doesn’t run in the park
    Does the dog dance?
    The boy sing
    My cousin doesn’t play soccer

  2. 1.I eat a burger
    2.Elízabeth doesn’t eat fish
    3.Do you play video games in afternoon?
    4.He prepares a nuggets
    5.I light the stove with a match

  3. Diego Arce 23 octubre, 2018 Responder

    I go to the park and play in the castle.
    I drink chocolate in my room.
    I eat banana and cake

  4. Alan caballero 23 octubre, 2018 Responder

    I play soccer in the school
    you dont eat pizza in the school
    Does my dog eat the food ?
    luis dont study for the exam
    they like play basketball in the park

  5. Fernando 23 octubre, 2018 Responder

    Aquí están mis presentes simples profesional.
    1.i drink coffee
    2.he playa the piano
    3.adrian doesn’t like the dentista
    4.they do nota playa the piano
    5.she doesn’t play basketball
    6.do elephants este grasa?

  6. miguel 23 octubre, 2018 Responder

    do you go to the cinema?
    you eat fish in the kitchen.
    I jump rope in the park.
    we study in the escritory.
    went to the park

  7. Andrea 23 octubre, 2018 Responder

    I always walked to market.
    I doesn’t walked to market.
    Do I walked to market?.

  8. Diego Arce 24 octubre, 2018 Responder

    I watchet a movie in my home
    I accompany my mom to school

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