Listado de palabras YL 1

Estimados padres de familia, se anexa el listado de palabras para el nivel 1 (ambos grupos). Esto con la finalidad de que puedan comenzar a practicar SPELLING BEE WORD LIST 2019 1. pen 21. pizza 2. rubber 22. Monday 3. pencil 23. Tuesday 4. notebook 24. Wednesday 5. desk 25.Thursday 6. pencil case 26. Friday […]

At the Zoo Cambridge Certificate Starters

264234-sing-and-learn-at-the-zoo-learning-activities Simple action songs like At the Zoo can help children quickly learn, use and remember new language. The video includes subtitles so children can sing along and practise their vocabulary whilst still having fun. At the zoo uses words from the Pre A1 Starters exam word list which is at pre-A1 level